Brand Strategy, Identity & Design

We help purpose-led pioneers tell their story and amplify their impact.

Inspired by this emerging wave of leaders, entrepreneurs and system-builders, we’re driven to create brands as brave as they are.

We partner with clients working in three key areas:


How can we remodel systems, develop new technology to improve lives, and create a better future through innovative ideas?


How can we improve our relationship with the planet, protect the environment, and implement sustainable design practices?


How can we cultivate inclusive communities, celebrate diversity, and create a more equitable society?

About Us

We’re a mission-led studio using our creativity for positive change. We’re about good vibes, great work and collaborating with like-minded people.

Kevin Tran
Creative Direction, Strategy
Damien Attenborough
Research, Strategy, Storytelling

Our Process

Before launching Luka in 2016, our team spent a decade honing our process at award-winning branding and advertising agencies in London and Sydney.

Here’s how we work:

1) Foundational research

–  Stakeholder interviews
–  Competitor research
–  Research playback

We immerse ourselves in your world to understand your big vision for the future. Through workshops and interviews with teams, partners and customers, we discover what makes your organisation unique.

2) Purpose-led strategy

–  Brand strategy
–  Brand architecture
–  Mission
–  Vision
–  Values

Rigorous thinking underpins our process. From understanding the audience to defining what the brand should express, we create a concise strategy that guides our design decisions and takes the guesswork out of creativity.

3) Crafted design

–  Visual identity
–  Print design
–  Digital design
–  Motion design
–  Environmental design
–  Art direction

–  Illustration

A clear strategy is only half the solution – great brands are also beautifully executed. With a focus on conceptual thinking, craft and contemporary style, we design visual identities that can flex across digital, print, motion, physical spaces and experiences.

4) Compelling stories

–  Brand voice
–  Brand story
–  Messaging
–  Naming
–  Taglines
–  Scriptwriting

From rallying supporters to educating the public, every brand needs to move people through storytelling. Whether it’s a line on a billboard or a script for a film, we bring creativity, sensitivity and nuance to sharing your story with the world.


Around the world, millions of people can’t masturbate due to physical disabilities that cause immobility, weakness or pain in the hands.

Handi is a startup working with industrial designers and biomedical engineers to create the world’s first sex toy for people with physical limitations.
The team approached us to create an unapologetic new brand identity that felt sophisticated, sensual and fresh.

We based the visual identity on the brand idea, ‘Waves of Pleasure’, which is a vibrant visual expression of sexual journeys. This concept is embodied in our custom logotype as a rolling wave of sensual energy.

A suite of graphic backgrounds express sexual pleasure through evocative curves, sensory textures and a zesty colour palette.

“The Luka team are highly skilled at finding the essence of a brand and creating a visual story. From conceptual thinking to creative execution, the team brought the Handi brand to life in a really unique and ownable way. We couldn't be happier. Highly recommended.”

— Heather Morrison, Co-founder &  CEO