Tackling gender inequality with Australian startups

Historically, boardrooms have been dominated by a ‘boys club’ culture that shut women out of opportunities. With years of experience working with startup communities, co-founders Sian and Lauren realised that change could start with the next generation of business leaders.⁣⁣⁣⁣

Get On Board is a series of industry events to create connections and opportunities for women while inviting startup founders to build fairer, more representative boards.

Luka was tasked with creating a contemporary brand to rally support for the initiative.

Our dynamic logo is a playful expression of board member seats, inviting businesses of all shapes and sizes to get involved.

Launching to coincide with International Women’s Day 2019, we created posters and social media assets to help spread the word.

Our fold-out report on gender equality in startups unpacked the issue, featuring industry voices and new research from KPMG, a key supporter.

Get On Board kicked-off with events in Sydney and Melbourne where guests received a branded tote bag.

“Luka pushed the brand and mission into directions we would have never gone on our own. The campaign was a huge success in helping us to start a meaningful conversation about gender diversity in the boardroom.”

— Sian Priest, Co-Founder

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