Empowering workers with the skills for tomorrow

New technologies like AI are changing the nature of work for many sectors and industries. As more jobs become automated and obsolete, millions of workers are at risk of unemployment, without the digital skills they need for tomorrow's workplace.

FutureFit is a pioneering initiative by Nesta and Google.org to tackle the challenge of retraining the workforce across Europe.

Working with trade unions, policymakers and learning experts, FutureFit is conducting pioneering research to determine the most effective ways to retrain at-risk workers with essential digital skills.

            Underpinned by iteration, innovation and collaboration, we distilled essence of FutureFit's unique approach into a minimal yet meaningful brand symbol.

When the brand is brought to life in animation, visual elements spin and push forwards, representing the future-focus of the project.

In our visual identity system, the bars of the FutureFit symbol can be scaled up and used boldly as a graphic container across brand collateral.

We continue to help FutureFit share their findings with governments and training providers around the world through reports, guides and workshops. 

“The Luka team are the best designers we've worked with. Their approach to understanding our work and narrative was thoughtful and impressive. We love their work.”

– Olivia Chapman, Senior Manager, Nesta

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